aIR Hi-Strip 20-133 with PP 421-3 UL

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aIR Hi-Strip 20-133 (Article No.755042)

with Power Supply aIR PP 421-3 UL (Article No. 819635)

bundle of water-cooled High-End strip module for 1 lamp and powerful 400V Power Supply in UL specification
with the option to connect 2 or 3 modules

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Product no.: 755042

aIR Hi-Strip 20-133 (Article No. 755042)

Water-cooled high-end strip module,
highly polished, specially aligned aluminum reflector

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Product no.: 819635

aIR PP 421-3 UL 1.0 (Article No. 819635)

powerful 400V-Power Supply to connect multiple modules (max. 3 modules)


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aIR straight 133-1500 aIR straight 133-1500
400V lamp ultra short wave
169.00 € *

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Control Unit for aIR Power Supplies Control Unit for aIR Power Supplies
aIR Control Unit for Power Supply
199.00 € *

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